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Today’s baby boomer generation is nearing “traditional” retirement age with estimates that 10,000 new Americans are retiring each day.  The U.S. Census Bureau projects that the population over 65 in 2050 will be 83.7 million, almost double the current estimate.  These older individuals carry with them years of experience and connections unmatched by lesser skilled employees.  But what defines “retirement”?  While past visions often conjure up an individual reaching their mid-60s, retiring to a beach for the next decade, and collecting a pension from their employer of 30 years, that is rarely the case in today’s world.   People are living much longer and retirement income staples such as pensions and social security are, at best – shaky, and at worst – non-existent.                              

After observing many colleagues, friends, and family, I realized that there is a plethora of knowledge and talent sitting on the sidelines in the form of these aforementioned employees.  After retiring from a full-time position, a complete shutdown of working can be a shock to the system.  Many retirees want to continue working in some capacity, but perhaps with more schedule flexibility, less hours, or the ability to work from home.  Many want to explore a new challenge, perhaps a different role, different company, or different company trajectory.  Financially, many retirees are not prepared to completely discontinue a regular income, but do not need their full annual salary to feel comfortable.  Finally, many retirees want to keep their skills sharp, gaining a deep sense of connection as they continue to interact with co-workers of all ages and skills.    

Furthermore, there are countless companies that are not only willing, but also desire, employees with this untapped intellect.  These firms need a fresh set of eyes to help with a challenging merger, reliable employees with less flight risk to guide a new office expansion, extra manpower to ensure a smooth integration of a new acquisition, or years of built up industry connections to promote a new product launch.  These companies receive an employee willing to share their knowledge, while reducing their exposure to employee on-boarding costs and benefit payments. 

There is a great divide between experienced employees who are capable and willing to work for short-term projects and firms who wish to benefit from this type of employment arrangement.  At Empowered Age, we are bridging that gap by putting these two parties in direct contact.  We focus on highly educated, skilled, and experienced individuals to fill full-time or part-time consulting projects.  Simply share some basic information with us, and our team will match up employees with companies who share similar expectations.  Prospective candidates can complete their information here.  Prospective employers can complete their information here.

Whether you are a candidate or employer, from all of us at Empowered Age, we wish you success in your next phase and we encourage you to share with us your thoughts, concerns, questions, or suggestions.  You can reach us by clicking here.  Be sure to follow us on twitter @empoweredage


Joseph Byrne                                                                                                Founder and CEO                                                                                       Empowered Age