At Empowered Age, we believe that the most valuable employees are those that can offer years of knowledge in real-world experiences.  As a first step, our team collects information on retired or semi-retired individuals who seek a full-time or part-time contract-based consulting position.  Many of our candidates use these consulting projects as extra retirement income, a smoother transition out of their full-time positions, or simply a way to stay connected and keep their skills sharp.  Countless individuals meet these criteria, and our process places them in positions they can remain highly valued.  If you believe a post-retirement consulting position is right for you, click here to provide information on your background and a member of our team will contact you as opportunities arise.


The team at Empowered Age works with many top firms to identify their consulting needs.  We compile this information and scan our database of candidates to find matches who possess these qualifications.  In addition, our team tirelessly works with new companies that have an evolving appetite for qualified candidates.    


When Empowered Age identifies a candidate that meets the needs of a partner firm, our team arranges an interview and serves as the liaison during any subsequent negotiations.  We are always pleased to see one of our candidates use their skills at a partner firm; however, we realize the proper fit takes time and are committed to continuing to find the best arrangement for both candidate and partner.  If you are a partner that is interested in notifications of qualifying candidates, please click here to enter basic information and a member of Empowered Age will contact you.