Retirement Wisdom

The "Gig" economy is exploding as an employment arrangement of choice for employers and employees alike. Many who are taking advantage are retirees.  Great tips on how to prepare for the retirement transition.

Are You Ready to Play in the "Gig Economy" in Your Retirement?  

The Fiscal times

Many Americans have not saved enough for retirement, including those who are nearing traditional retirement age.  Engaging in a part-time consulting role can help supplement income.

The American Retirement Crisis in 5 Charts

U.S. News

Recent trends for baby boomers, including the number that will retire in the coming years, life expectancy, and health risks associated with older Americans.

12 Baby Boomer Retirement Trends


More experienced workers are often more engaged, have lower turnover, and unmatched professionalism.  These characteristics often translate to incremental revenue for employers.

A Business Case for Workers Age 50+ 


Individuals approaching traditional retirement age are often faced with decisions on how they will spend their time.  Continuing their career in a part-time consultant capacity, is one of the top ways to remain active.

6 Ways to Prepare to Find Part-Time Work in Retirement