Your Future is Now

Empowered Age believes that age is not a deterrent for a successful post-retirement career.  In fact, we believe seasoned employees offer the highest return on investment to employers.  Empowered Age is specifically focused on retired or semi-retired candidates who are interested in contract-based full-time or part-time positions.  Our candidates offer flexibility, breadth of knowledge, and years of experience invaluable to employers.  If you fit these criteria, complete our short questionnaire to immediately be considered for these opportunities.  There is absolutely no cost or obligation. 

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Step 1

Complete the questionnaire by clicking the link below.  All information will be held confidential until a potential employer inquires more.  

Step 2

Our team will arrange an initial phone screen with any employer who expresses a need for a candidate with your credentials. 

Step 3

If a match is confirmed between a candidate and an employer, the parties are free to enter an employment arrangement at their own terms.  That's it!